Workshop: Dealing with Imposter

Do you question your own abilities and compare yourself with your peers? Many of us do, especially in academia and other high-performance jobs! This workshop delves into the common issue of Imposter Syndrome and particularly how it impacts genders differently – a psychological phenomenon where individuals doubt their accomplishments and fear being exposed as a fraud, despite evidence of their competence. The imposter syndrome can decrease productivity, stifle innovation, and lead to increased stress and burnout. Further, it can cause individuals to withdraw from collaborative opportunities, effective networking and hamper their visibility in the workplace.

Participants will explore the roots of (gender-specific) Imposter Syndrome, its impact on personal and professional development, and the persistent feelings of anxiety and guilt it can trigger. The session will offer research-backed strategies, practical exercises and role-plays to help participants recognize, manage, and overcome these destructive patterns. The workshop aims to enhance grounded confidence, effectiveness and joy for participants in their professional roles. You will develop tools that help:

• to gain an understanding how gender norms affect imposter feelings.

• to deal with self-doubt and build the confidence you need to express yourself with clarity and ease.

• to shift from an imposter feeling towards your authentic being, so that you can demonstrate your values, contribute your ideas and lead in an organization.

• to grow into your “muchness”, so that you can express yourself fully.

Summer fun fact: We will go outside! If the weather is sunny, part of the workshop will take place outdoors to get some fresh air together with fresh ideas.

Dr. Insa Flachsbarth, Trainerin und Coach, Bremerhaven

MI, 19.06.24, 09:00-16:30 Uhr, Hochschule Bremerhaven, Raum V 003

Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch